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OpusTime Update – Harmonizing reports and other goodies

Bragging about the new update

We are pleased to announce the release of yet another awesome OpusTime update. Our rapidly growing community has made multiple comments and we have been listening to your suggestions. Here is what we have been working on in the last month. Enjoy your revamped reports and a few surprises listed below!

Stay tuned for our next update which has some amazing new surprises as well!

1. Reports enhancements

Every single report has been carefully reviewed by our team and we have brought the following enhancements based on your comments and suggestions.

Totals have been added to relevant reports such as the Daily Payment Report. The onscreen version, as well as the print versions, now include relevant totals.

Exported versions now include the information requested in the filters. The CSV format has also been improved to work better with most spreadsheet software.

Translation of the exported and printed reports is now according to user preferences.

Filters have been reviewed by our team and they are faster than ever and more precise. Each and every report has been updated.

 The date selector has been improved to account better for your time zone. Some users were having to use yesterday’s date to get the report to display today’s information. This is no longer the case.

Deleted information such as products, invoices or payments no longer appears in the reports. Totals will, therefore, be reflected accurately.

Missing buttons have been added to the expense reports to allow for printing and exporting of the report.

Services billed to multiple professionals are now displayed correctly on the revenue report.

2. Archive management

The patient/ client section now indicates archived patients/ clients which now appear in grey as you visualize the list. Please note that archived patients/ clients cannot be booked from the appointment book.

3. Drag and drop of sticky notes

When you use the sticky notes section, you can now reorder your sticky notes with a simple drag and drop. Have fun optimizing your note templates with this great new feature!

4. Send email faster

We have improved the mechanics of sending an email from a letter template. When you click the send email button, you create a letter and send it by email in one step. Before that, you needed to create a letter first then email it. Now, you can email in one swift step using your templates.

5. Bug corrections and improvements

The team has been hard at work correcting bugs and improving OpusTime. Thank you again for reporting those issues. We always schedule the work in order of priority. This push includes the following bug corrections.

SMS and Letter Templates Merge Fields have been reviewed and we have made sure that every single one of them works adequately.

Appointment Count is now displayed more adequately on the appointment graph and the appointment list of the dashboard.

Appointment Cancellation Link mechanics has been reviewed and improved. Some level of confusion was causing patients to fail to cancel the appointment. This has been improved.

Deleted Products  now disappear forever! There were some weird fringe cases where deleted products reappeared in the product list. This is no longer the case.

6. Translation and UI texts revision

Several issues with text translation across the OpusTime platform have been addressed.

The list of all the improvements is 6 pages long and we wanted to spare your time and simply let you know that a considerable effort has been spent on the multiple languages of the OpusTime platform. Please continue to let us know about those language issues as well so that we continue to improve our services.