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Dr Benoit Lambert

Recently, a patient asks me, “Dr. Lambert, could I have a note to suspend my gym membership until I’m cured?” . By the time he finished his question, he had already received his note by email! How? 4 mouse clicks with Opus Time. Opus Time is not just a clinical note-taking and extended appointment software. It’s a real virtual secretary with powerful marketing tools. Since I’ve been using it (January 2018), I’ve increased my traffic and lowered my costs so I’m expecting a 15% increase in my profits this year.

I took 3 months to shop my clinical software. In addition to reviewing known chiropractic solutions, I looked at what was happening in other related professions, even on the European side. In all, I considered about fifteen products. In my opinion, Opus Time is in a class of its own at the level of possibilities and flexibility. Not to mention that it is a 100% cloud solution. I recommend it without hesitation!!