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10 Automated SMS Features That your Clients will love

Automated Communications

Make SMS your secret weapon in customer service!

Incoming text message
OpusTime´s SMS features allow you to delight clients.

The whole purpose of Information Technology and the Internet is to free people from boring or repetitive tasks and to allow computers to solve challenging calculations or process large amounts of data in order to enable timely decision making. Time thus becomes an important variable in today´s cloud-based software systems: do more with less resources and to reduce processing time is the often elusive goal in most web enabled businesses.

Beyond mere speed, customers expect good service and react positively when a provider walks the extra mile, offers bonuses or allows customization. Appointment scheduling platforms give small business or clinics a powerful set of tools and features to establish continued, relevant and even fun communications with their clients. OpusTime, for example, provides clients / patients with a dedicated Short Message Service (SMS) number for them to contact the business directly (in selected countries). The business is always notified of incoming text messages, enabling an SMS text conversation. What if you could harness the simplicity and power of SMS and establish logic for automated messages? Here is a list of ten automated communication features that your clients will love:

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