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SMS vs phone calls. 7 reasons to choose SMS

In the era of great technological advances, many generations were born and raised having the phone as an essential part of their lives, particularly SMS. But now phones are not used to make phone calls anymore.  According to PEW RESEARCH CENTER, millennials outweighed and surpassed Gen Xers as being the most dominant generation in modern time’s workforce, adding an estimated 53.5 million people. With this in mind we need to ask ourselves how these millennials choose to communicate.

SMS vs Phone Calls

A study showed the telephone apps on smartphones—that is, using your phone to make actual phone calls—are only the fifth-most-used app among the general public. Why is this the case?

The answer is simple. This generation grew up with the gradual introduction of instant messaging, texting, email, and other forms of written communication. Due to their immediate response they offer the choice to think over your words, they are precise, cozy and quick form of communication. Answering a phone call means to interrupt someone’s daily routine, while SMS  and emails can be read or answered at any time without interrupting your daily endeavours.

With all being said here are the 7 reasons SMS surpasses phone calls:

  1. They are instant, mobile, economical and accessible.
  2. Smartphone users take 2 to 5 second to send text any time.
  3. Answers can be thought out instead of been used as a reaction.
  4. Posses mass-messaging capabilities for spreading information
  5. It gives both parties the flexibility to answer at their own time.
  6. 97% of users read SMS.
  7. The most used method of communication among 45 to 60 years old age group.

When using Phone Calls to communicate:

  1. The average call takes 2 minutes approximately.   
  2. The person needs to stop what he is doing to answer the call.
  3. Phone conversations are spontaneous.
  4. People answer text far more than phone calls.
  5. Phone calls may not be answered.
  6. Phone calls cost more money than SMS.
  7. You can’t call more than one person at a time.

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