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Set goals and make the most of your time

10 time management tips you can´t live without

Techniques for successful time management.

Successful time management
Midnight. Time management under control.

Many people at the start of the day have in their minds everything they should do. However, at the end of the day they realize that they have not finished important tasks and have to postpone them for tomorrow. This is how the days go by and the list never ends. Successful time management is one of the requirements for success.

Since we know that your time is important, and we want you to manage it effectively, here are some tips that must be considered:

1. The schedule is your best ally

Use a schedule to record all the tasks you must do in the day; as you accomplish them, you may cross them out; this makes the brain get used to working in an orderly manner and at the same time motivates you to continue fulfilling the goals until you finish all tasks.

2. Priorities

Address the priorities. When making the list of activities, start with the most important, the task that will take you longer to achieve the proposed objectives.

3. Eliminate distractions

If you need to prepare a meeting, finish a project or make an important presentation, turn off your mobile phone, close the mail and move away any device that may interrupt your concentration. Without distractions you will be more productive and will achieve successful time management.

4. One thing at a time

Many times you start with many tasks and in the end none is 100% complete; on the other hand, if you do one by one, your brain will be more focused.

5. Organization

Keep your workplace clean and orderly. Disorganization sends an image of chaos to the brain and this will generate stress.

6. Visual help

If you are a visual person, you can help yourself by placing visible reminders and noting any ideas you have in mind regarding tasks to be done. With visual aids, your mind will focus on completing the activity so little by little the brain will receive the necessary stimuli and will notice the progress towards successful time management.

7. Take breaks

It is important to relax the mind and stretch the body. Take short breaks between tasks; the muscles will stretch and the mind will clear. When you resume activities you will feel more relaxed.

8. Delegate functions

If you have a work team, delegate certain activities or ask for help. At the end thank them and let them know what progressed with their help.

9. Take advantage of time-outs

While you are in the car you can listen to music or a conference that will help you in your professional performance, or new techniques present in the market. The important thing is to take advantage of every minute and complete the tasks listed in the schedule to achieve successful management of time.

10. Reward yourself

When completing a task, allow yourself to be rewarded; it can be something simple like chatting with colleagues, review social networks, go for a coffee or make that pending call.

We suggest you apply these tips progressively. When you master them completely, your brain will already have the habit and will work better.

Now, get to work! Set your goals and focus your efforts on meeting them. Remember: do not waste your time. The day has the same amount of hours for everyone, use them to your advantage and enjoy the advantages of good time management.

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