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How to survive without your Administrative Assistant

Wikipedia´s definition of an administrative assistant

Most administrative assistant duties revolve around managing and distributing information within an office. This generally includes answering phones, taking memos and maintaining files. Administrative assistants may also be in charge of sending and receiving correspondence, as well as greeting clients and customers.

But What does Warren Buffet have to say about his Administrative Assistant

Tracy Britt is the kind of person who exists to make normal people feel lazy and unaccomplished. At the tender age of 28, she’s already the financial assistant and right-hand woman to Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett and is rapidly rising through the ranks at the Omaha-based conglomerate”.

Now imagine this scenario in your office when you show up to work

Your Administrative Assistant does not show for work monday morning. Chaos, confusion, clutter, suffering and tiresome hours of mess and disorder. You don’t know where to begin!!!! Your day has turned into the netherworld! Can your business afford the hit?

Fortunately, some business owners have taken the initiative to work smart and not hard and decided to subscribe to OpusTime to manage the business daily activities.

OpusTime does it all. Appointment, billing, online booking, expense and note taking management, combined with a powerful and simple communication system that will have your business perfectly in  tune!! Let OpusTime orchestrate all your client’s management needs, so that you can fine-tune on what you do best.

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