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Old dog will learn new tricks. Can you still afford to stay in your comfort zone?

Choose OpusTime

What time is your first appointment tomorrow?
If you cannot answer that question without speaking to your front desk, then you are seriously missing out!

You may love your job. That’s right, every single minute of it. However, that does not mean that everything is wonderful, and you may be missing out on tremendous opportunities that could lead to higher revenues and lower overhead. How about more profit? But what will it take for you to decide to look into implementing new methods to upgrade your business operations? How much pain must you endure before you look at your procedures and see what is now possible in 2018? 

10 things you are missing out on, if you stick with your old guns

  1. You are dependant on your receptionist or reception computer to figure out when you start tomorrow.
  2. Sunday evening, you don’t know what time you start on Monday because your schedule is locked in the same manner than your office.
  3. From Friday night to Monday morning, no one can book with you until someone is at the office to take an appointment.
  4. When you leave your office, your relationship with your patients stays behind.
  5. You cannot contact them or consult any of your notes or contact information without going back to work.
  6. When you meet someone who needs your help, you can’t book them.
  7. The only way to book with you is to call your office. How many OPPORTUNITIES WILL YOU LOSE?
  8. You cannot consult your statistics until you go back to the office.
  9. If you need to make changes to your schedule, there is no way for you to implement the changes until you go back to the front desk computer.
  10. You will never know beforehand if someone cancels their appointment.

So what are you waiting for!!!! Don’t let your competitors stay ahead. Start your free trial!