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Fewer toys and more family vacations

The best reasons to stop spending money on toys and invest in an incredible family vacation

Can you think of a better use of your time than family vacations?

Family vacations on the beach
Fewer toys and more family vacations

All families need a moment of getting away to take well-deserved vacations. Home improvement, work, school, and the many daily activities end up overwhelming each of the members, making their life boring, monotonous and even generating stress.

Finding the perfect period that suits everyone’s time is not as easy as it seems; fortunately, there are holidays such as Easter, which can be the ideal occasion to plan a perfect family vacation.

However, for many parents, the money factor is the main inconvenience to decide on a trip. Therefore, they prefer to pander indirectly to their children by buying them the latest seasonal toys or videogames. But if we analyze how much money they have invested in toys and compare it with the expenses of a family vacation, we would conclude that the amount could be equal or similar.

Family vacations photo at a historic monument
5 reasons not to spend money on toys but on a family vacation

Vacations: focus on lasting memories

At OpusTime we care about how you manage your expenses, so we bring you some reasons why you should not spend your money on toys but on family vacations.

  1. Help to keep unforgettable moments that will surely last over time in your memory and that of your children.
  2. Take your family to places that involved a historical event, or places where the fauna and flora are the most relevant. This will allow you to teach your children about these topics in a fun and relaxing way.
  3. It allows you and your family to have the opportunity to discover their affinity in tastes. By spending a relaxing time together, you will be able to see what each person likes to do; thus they will have tools to plan activities frequently.
  4. It is not necessary to invest a lot on a trip. They can plan to go to nearby places, camping or stay in hostels. This will allow them to save and in the meantime, it will be useful for you and your family to meet people from different parts of the world and learn from their culture.
  5. Spending fun and relaxing moments make the family union increasingly narrow. This helps make interpersonal relationships less stressful and creates a new family dynamic.

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