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Your business will experience a symphony of time management.

Online Appointment System

Scheduling gone social!

OpusTime has all you would expect from a scheduler and more. Coupled with our complete billing and record keeping, and a keen sense of client management, OpusTime will help you achieve awesome retention while eliminating no shows. Our complete solution will give your clients the ultimate experience.

  • Complete booking.
  • Booking multiple appointments is a breeze
  • Simple and powerful user interface.
  • Easy-to-manage waiting-list.
  • Client recalls with instant SMS templates.
  • Drag-drop rescheduling.

Clients LOVE to Book Online!

With OpusTime, you can turn on your online booking with simple click. Patients can book from any device  24-7 and relieve your staff by eliminating phone calls. Our customized appointment reminders coupled with a powerful recall system will take your performance to a whole new level.

  • 24/7 online appointment booking.
  • Deliver on the spot appointments
  • Awesome accessibility
  • Facebook booking is just a click away!
  • Auto-Reminders
  • Eliminate no shows.
  • Boost your retention and referrals.

Manage Your Business From Anywhere!

OpusTime takes care of all your record keeping and billing. With its 2-step authentication features, It keeps your notes safe and makes billing and reporting easy. Save time while increasing customer satisfaction with OpusTime.

  • Fast and efficient invoices.
  • Manage payments in seconds.
  • Secured client notes.
  • Color-coded calendar
  • Smooth and easy integration
  • Awesome reports

Communicating With Clients Is A Snap!

Create SMS and email templates stay in touch with clients in a whole new and improved way. OpusTime never lets you miss a beat with its powerful communication system.

  • Communicate instantly.
  • Customized templates to notify clients.
  • Email/SMS conversations.
  • Automatic reminders
  • Deliver top notch customer service.
  • Keep up with everyone!

Communications at the speed of sound!

OpusTime provides your clients with the best customer service experience. It helps you engage with your clients without skipping a beat.

  • Fast and easy appointment management.
  • 2 step rescheduling.
  • Awesome notes and attachements
  • Notifications, reminders and 2 way SMS

Powerful Integrations

Easily embed your booking into your website, facebook page. Connect your booking site to mailchimp and harness the power of internet marketing. This feature lets you increase your client list, share your latest deals, and help them subscribe to your publications and social networks.

  • Easy integration.
  • Grow your reach.
  • Attract more clients.

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