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Tour Around The OpusTime Features!

Walk through the features that will add to your best ever client management experience.

OpusTime Guarantees Secured File Notes!

Safety of your file notes not an issue with OpusTime!


Fully Safe File Notes

OpusTime understands the client’s concern related to the privacy and safety of their file notes. It is in fact the software’s prime concern. Our privacy regulations abide by the legal framework of your country to assure you full safety. Full accessibility to client’s file notes from anywhere you go make things easy. OpusTime boasts extra-security covers like 2-step authentication to add security layers to your account to leave no scope of unauthorized access.

Shake Off Your Stress With Customized Templates!

OpusTime respects the huge taste variation, thus, it lets you customize file notes the way you want. With its super easy template customization, you get the leverage to set them as per your wish to make it go perfectly with your businesses. The already set default templates save you a lot of time.  With the rich customization features, turn your templates to short or detailed ones as per your preference. Do you have businesses with multidisciplinary services? Don’t worry, OpusTime offers huge variety in templates to meet unique requirements for each modality.

Accessibility That Can Steal Your Heart!

OpusTime is loaded with rich benefits to help you make the most out of your notes on the platform. Get ready for an experience like never before. OpusTime makes searching client’s service history effortless by making it a matter of a few clicks. It works superb when you possess a huge client flow seeking your services. In fact, you can access to their service history with great ease.

Notes’ Completion Is Your Take!

OpusTime is power-packed with amenities to fall for. You can’t compare it to any typical client management software, it being meant to satisfy your everyday needs in business. With OpusTime, you get empowered to fill out file notes whenever you want. Choice is yours. You can easily see the drafted client notes right from your dashboard to make sure you never miss filling the one.

Immense Virtual Storage To Store All Your Documents

Are you worried about the place for documents storage? Sign up for OpusTime and set yourself free from all such tensions. It happily offers you a lot of virtual space, so that you can make the most out of it by saving scanned copies related to your client’s history, images, documents and much more. Uploading documents is a cake walk with OpusTime as you just need to drag and drop them. Isn’t it so handy? So, what are you waiting for? Keep client notes in the most convenient way with OpusTime.