The Closest thing to Paper

From iWax to Digital Image Notes

The best of both worlds, now in your favorite appointment scheduling app.

Tablets and Smartphones have become the favorite computing devices for both private and business uses. With their advanced graphics capabilities, simple user interface and abundance of applications for drawing or taking notes, we are getting closer to being able to use a tablet as a paper replacement. But is it necessary to replace paper, after all? When much of the centennial generation has only known IT as a means of data collection and as the paperless trend continues to grow in the workplace, it is convenient to know the origins of these devices to appreciate how far we have come.

A brief historical tour shows us that the appearance of writing is closely linked to the supporting media. Hence, the mud tablets of Mesopotamia, being low cost and long-lasting, facilitated the transmission of culture, but at the same time demanded brevity in texts due to its limited storage capacity. These gave way to the wax tablets (iWax) common in the Greco-Roman world. Vegetable fiber as a means to capture information eventually achieved dominance in the form of papyrus or paper scrolls vs other materials like leather or parchment. Despite being more delicate paper was cheaper to produce and also lighter, becoming the preferred medium for centuries. Even today there is a rebirth of calligraphy as an art form, along with the availability of special and personalized papers, and many people still prefer to take paper notes even if they use computers or Smartphones for other tasks.

Each profession developed standards for taking notes on paper, with specific symbols and nomenclature to achieve the highest possible accuracy in a short time. In addition, each professional has a personal style and way of registering work. For example, a doctor makes notes on an x-ray and a stylist takes pictures of clients´ haircuts, so it is difficult to replace the versatility of physical/printed media. That is why the progress of note-taking applications is so valuable, especially when they combine the best of both worlds.

The next frontier in technology for note-taking requires combining current innovations: ubiquity in access, multimedia capacity and the natural ease of handwritten notation. That is why business applications in the cloud must include image editors with the features above. A notable example that shows the way forward is Opustime the cloud-based client manager and appointment scheduler that, in addition to putting the professional’s time in the center to reduce canceled appointments, increase turnover, improve customer service and reduce administrative overhead, offers the most friendly, powerful and simple note-taking interface on the market. Opustime allows you to easily create sections and questionnaires in the notes, add images, reuse templates, erase, draw and create new images. As if that were not enough, the resulting image can be sent by email to the customer with the click of a button. For example, a chiropractor could send the patient a copy of an illustration with his treatment and exercises for the week during the appointment, which can also mean sending f.e. a personalized diet, a photo of a tattoo or a hairstyle during or right at the end of an appointment. The only limit is your imagination.

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10 OpusTime Features That Scare Your Receptionist.

Opustime - Appointment Scheduling Program

When we look at practice management software. We often look at them for the feature set they offer. Sometimes, however, we would gain valuable insights if we only knew how those features interact with each other to create so amazing ways to catapult our business.

Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating when I say that your front desk staff will be scared of these 10 tips. But it sure does make their job feel a bit obsolete.

1. Automatic appointment confirmations and recalls.

Since those are done for you, then that definitely means less work. OpusTime lets you configure exactly when and how you want those appointments confirmed. Same thing for reminders. OpusTime will send those messages via SMS or email to completely eliminate no-shows.

Complete control of reminders and confirmations.

2. Billing templates for super easy invoicing and payments.

OpusTime appointments are more than colour blocks in your schedule. They are linked to billing charges and notes templates. This means that checkout is blazing fast! From an appointment, your invoices and payments are both saved with just one click!

Super easy invoicing and payment in opustime

3. Online booking.

Add your booking button to your website or your facebook page et voila! In just a few seconds, you just eliminated 90% of your call volume. People love online booking and people hate phone calls. Did you know that most people book their appointments outside of office hours?

Get your booking site up and running in minutes!

4. Communications templates.

Create some awesome SMS or email templates and watch your retention go through the roof. In OpusTime you are alway 1 click away from sending an email or SMS to your Patients, Clients or Members. Get creative with SMS and email templates!

Sending SMS messages is a snap!

5. Appointment icons so nothing gets missed.

Icons are automatically applied to appointments so that you always know, what happened at a glance. They help you keep track of your various workflow so that you and your entire team are working efficiently.

Know what is happening with your schedule at a glance!

6. Mass SMS messages.

In this day and age, new customers are harder to acquire. This makes managing your existing customers a must. One awesome way to do this is by making sure none of your customers drop to the cracks.

Using the mass SMS feature and SMS templates, you can get immediate responses from your clients to make sure that they stay on your schedule.

Get creative and use SMS templates for a myriad of business strategies. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask a customer for a Google Maps review
  • Wish happy birthday with a booking invite.
  • Share your facebook page via SMS templates

Send personalised SMS from your own library of templates.

7. 2 way SMS communications.

2 Way SMS communications is an excellent way to engage your customers and patients into a much more personal relationship. SMS is a great way to give a personalised service. Using the SMS templates allows you to be systematic with your customer care.

Read and reply to incoming SMS right from the app!

8. Notes templates.

OpusTime Appointment Types are more than just schedule items. They are actual billing templates and notes templates as well. Not only can you access the right note template for a particular appointment, but you can use the copy previous function to speed up the notes taking process. Combine this with drag and drop file uploads, and a quick access to all your notes right from the notes module, and you have everything you need for fast and efficient documentation.

Keeping impeccable records is fast and easy!

9. Follow-up.

When you are done processing a patient or client, if you can’t schedule them, make sure you create a follow-up so that you can keep track. In your settings, you can create a number of follow-ups and use the notes field to make sure you and your staff stays up to speed with this customer

Keep track of everyone!

10. Awesome checkout workflow.

We included an easy way to keep your retention at its max. When you are done processing a patient, the invoice summary page includes 2 buttons: Book Appointment or Add Follow-Up.

Try using this for every single appointment and you will see your business grow!

Achieve perfect customer retention!

Make Your Life Rich With A Client Management Software

Who doesn’t want a rich life? Of course, everybody does. A rich life isn’t all about having lots of money, especially in the world we presently live in. Peace of mind and time to relax are also important factors that give you a rich life.

Many business owners are quite rich in terms of money, but their life is so packed with stress and tension that money isn’t bringing them much of happiness. If you are one of those people out there who are highly stressed out because of client related tasks at work, you must purchase a client management software now. It will take care of all your woes at work so that you can devote time to your passion, make money and still get enough of time to relax.

A client management software will prove something that you have always desired. An optimal client management software like OpusTime boasts so many features, which can bring peace into your staff’s and your life.

Starting from client booking, scheduling appointments to invoicing and making payments, OpusTime can take care of everything all at once. Besides, you can perform all such tasks from a single window. The scheduling software’s awesome accessibility makes it irresistible.

Technology has become so advanced these days that now you can perform a lot of tasks in a matter of few minutes or say in few clicks. So, why lack behind when you can lead with a top notch client management software like OpusTime.

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Give Wings To Your Business With OpusTime

It feels good to be a business owner, but simultaneously it is a headache if we talk about the fulfillment of client management needs. Be it making payments or appointment scheduling, life becomes too busy to relax for business owners. Above all, if you run your business at multiple locations then forget about any rest at all.

But, what if you get a software, maybe an appointment scheduler or an online scheduling software, which can take away all such responsibilities from your shoulder? Isn’t that sounds amazing? Such a software wouldn’t be any less than a dream. Well, that’s something, the online scheduling software OpusTime can do. Yes, you have read it right.

OpusTime is the ultra-modern client management software, which can precisely perform all client management tasks. With this superb appointment scheduler by your side, booking appointments and scheduling them become a matter of few clicks. It amazingly sorts every thing, and offers you with quick and accurate finances, invoices, payments, billings etc. Just a few clicks, and everything is done that’s how things are under the realm of OpusTime.

Keeping client records is one of the most boring tasks, but OpusTime’s rich features set you free from all such boring tasks. In the nutshell, break up with all your stress and tensions and get into a long lasting relationship with OpusTime, the ultimate appointment scheduler.

Perks of OpusTime:

  • Client handling becomes super easy.

  • Online booking in a few clicks.

  • Secured client records and notes. Safety is assured.

  • Admirable accessibility.

  • Easy to manage wait list.

  • Client recalls isn’t troublesome anymore.

  • Manage multiple business locations with a lot of ease.

This online scheduling software covers all kinds of tasks falling under client management. So, forget about all such tiresome tasks and things, and focus on boosting your organization’s impact and calculating ROI’s.

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