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6 reasons why SMS is more effective than Email

Are you aware of the SMS opportunity to communicate and engage your clients? Better yet, are you in a position to benefit from such an opportunity? Does your practice management software allows you to keep patient communication active with systematic and automatic SMS as well as SMS campaigns?

Your Audience owns a mobile phone

In targeting my audience, I have discovered that 60% of the people in the planet utilize or owns a mobile phone, in comparison with the 40% of people who have access to an internet account.  Statistics show that the number of mobile phone users have increased dramatically in past years, with the tendency of more people projected to sustain the same orbit in future years, one has to assume that a SMS campaign will reach a higher number of people rather than by sending emails.

Open rates for SMS is far better than emails

Research shows that 98% of SMS messages have a response rate of 45% while the open rate for emails are at 28-33% with a much lower response rate of 6%. This means that almost 3x people are reading your messages than opening the emails you’ve sent them.

Awesome click through rate

Click Through rate is the percentage of clients that clicked through to a website via the link within an SMS message. The average click through rate for links in SMS messages stands at 19% while the click through rate for email marketing is at 3.2%. 19% click through so this means that for every 5 SMS you get 1 booking.

Vital Broadcasting with your patients

With higher open rates, SMS messaging provides you with the superiority of instantly updating and informing your recipients of what you have to say. This could mean anything from special offers to discount of products and services that your patients may be looking or needing for. SMS messages can be customized based on your patient´s purchasing behavior and keep them informed on specific offers they may be interested in.

More doesn’t necessarily means better

SMS messages are instant, mobile and accessible. They posses mass-messaging capabilities for spreading information. Their word count has to stay limited to only the most relevant facts rather than having all sorts of information risking your patient’s interest. People usually do not have the time or the patience to read the entire content of your email until they reach the link; in contrast, with a SMS message, which in fact are short and to the point, have a superior chance to grab your patient’s attention and keep them interested and updated.

It’s economical

What if every dollar you spent produced 100$ of business?


It may seem costly when you look at the cost of each SMS sent. However, the chances of  landing some bookings from your SMS messaging campaigns and turning them into actual money are by far greater than embarking of an email campaign. In addition, emails require creating and designing and that my dear OpusTimenautes translate into time and money.

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